The STRANDS project is committed to release its outcomes as open source. Fork me on GitHub

Nearly all our software outcomes are available from our github organisation. To ease use by others and simply installation, we are releasing Ubuntu binary and source packages for most of our software development. STRANDS software is mostly based on ROS with currently ROS Hydro on Ubuntu precise and ROS Indigoon Ubuntu trusty being officially supported by STRANDS. While some more mature packages are directly released in to the ROS universe, most of our software is hosted on our repositories. The binary packages we host ourselves are for 64-bit architectures (amd64) only, due to limited capacity of our own build farm. Please note, that not all STRANDS packages are yet available on both ROS distributions. Check this up-to-date report for details about packages hosted by us.

Using the STRANDS repository

This follows the usual Ubuntu way of installing packages.

  1. Add the STRANDS key to verify packages:
    curl -s | sudo apt-key add -
  2. Add the STRANDS repository:
    sudo apt-add-repository
  3. 3. update your index:
    sudo apt-get update
  4. install any packages you want using sudo apt-get install <pkg-name>

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